Promoting Healthy Products & Services


The promotion and sale of safe, healthy and affordable products and services.


  • Hispanic preschoolers’ exposure to fast food ads on Spanish-language TV increased by 16%, reaching almost one ad viewed per day.¹
  • Combined advertising spending on Spanish-language TV by all fast food restaurants increased 8% from 2009 to 2012.
  • Black children and teens saw approximately 60% more fast food ads than white youth.
  • Hispanic youth were 30% more likely to visit, and Black youth were 44% more likely to visit the site.

Connection Across Determinants


  • Adolescents consume 8% of their calories from carbonated beverages.²
  • Youth see more than 50,000 TV advertisements of unhealthy food each year.²
  • 66% of cereals promoted to children do not meet nutrition standards.²

Socioeconomic Status

  • Children in low-income communities are exposed to advertising more frequently than higher-income counterparts.²

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