Roots and Remedies

Roots & Remedies is headed to Boston!  From Friday, July 13th through Sunday the 15th, Praxis will host R&R 2018 at The University of Massachusetts’ Boston Campus.

“RESIST, HEAL, THRIVE – TOGETHER” is the theme of this year’s Roots & Remedies Gathering.  As the struggle for health justice continues, we must find ways to stand and support each other in love in order to build an equitable movement, while minimizing the effects of continued trauma to our most vulnerable communities.  Doing this work in our individual silos will no longer work; if we are to move forward, all of us must work collaboratively, in unity and true solidarity. 

  • We must resist the efforts of the opposition to destroy the progress that has been made over the last 50 years.
  • We must view the act of healing and self-care as a consistent form of decolonization, as new traumatic experiences build upon the old hurled at our communities by racist and oppressive institutions.
  • And, despite all this, we must find ways to celebrate our cultures and identities in order to thrive, as we are a resilient and courageous people regardless of resources made available to us.




Roots & Remedies brings together social justice activists and progressive networks to learn about best practices and explore opportunities for shared work to make our communities healthier and safer.

Historically marginalized communities are rooted in a tradition of organizing for justice, dignity and safe and connected communities. From farm workers striking California’s valleys to civil rights activists putting their life on the line across the South, communities of color have always fought for the health and well-being of everyone. We create opportunities for each other, and know that our collective contributions secure our interconnected future.

That’s why leaders at the Praxis Project and their allies formed a process to bring together organizers and activists using innovative strategies to connect and amplify their work on space and housing issues, access to good food, fair policing, quality education, youth empowerment and more.