Communities Building Power For Health

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Every day people leading the change for health and justice in their communities.

Many local, community-led efforts—which may not be on anyone’s list of “best practices” or “evidence-based” health interventions—are effective because they have emerged organically from local experience within their unique contexts. These local efforts can recognize the ever-evolving needs of communities; and that these needs impact their community in nuanced, intersectional ways. In their local efforts to address one issue, people are building community, and so building power and capacity to address all other issues impacting health and justice for their community.

These community leaders are public health pioneers, which is why we are honored to highlight their work and community influence through our Communities Building Power for Health case study media collection. Many of these efforts and successes began when community members who were tired of experiencing health inequities and injustices came together and took action to protect their neighbors and family members. These community-led efforts highlight the resiliency, innovation, and power behind the collective drive for change in communities experiencing some of the greatest health inequities and injustices.

To increase the impact of public health initiatives, Praxis and our community allies believe that a more inclusive approach is needed—an approach that prioritizes and recognizes authentic partnerships with community led efforts as drivers of solutions toward health and justice. Navigate our CBPH map and find out how you can support community led efforts.