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Praxis’ training, technical assistance and capacity building is a cornerstone of our work to support communities building power for health justice. Using principles of popular education and other liberatory, people-centered pedagogy, Praxis supports communities’ efforts to improve health through changing the structural conditions that impact well-being.  We also provide training to local health departments, public health collaboratives and other agencies interested in increasing health equity and justice at the local level.

Praxis emphasizes institutional- and systemically-focused strategies rooted in an intersectional framework, with factors such as race, class, and gender at the center of analysis and action.  Praxis also values authentic voices in all aspects of our training.  When we design a training, it is often in collaboration with a community partner who has extensive practical experience in the training topics.

Trainings that we have provided in the recent past include:

  • Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change
  • Moving Local Policy for Health Justice
  • Sugary Drink Taxes:  Inception, Campaigns, and Community Investments for Health Justice
  • Health Equity/Justice:  Ingredients and Strategies to Build Healthy Communities
  • Trauma Informed Community-led Advocacy for Health Justice
  • Bridges for Health:  Authentic Partnerships To Achieve Health Justice
  • Social Media, Communications, and Messaging for Health Justice
  • Fundraising and Development

Use the form below to start a dialogue on how we can work with you to develop training targeted to a specific audience. Content can be tailored to meet your needs.

To explore a training, please fill out the below Training Inquiry Form. Praxis staff will follow up with you within 1-3 business days.

Training Inquiry Form

Training Inquiry Form