Fiscal Sponsorship

The Praxis Project provides fiscal sponsorship to a select group of initiatives that actively furthers its mission. Praxis generally sponsors brand-new or already-established grassroots projects that are in an early developmental stage organizationally. Via Praxis fiscal sponsorship, projects receive operational and organizational development support, as well as membership in the Praxis network, and donors and funders can support exciting new ventures with charitable contributions and grants. Fiscal sponsorship is well-suited to responding to emerging critical issues and to time-limited projects, though all Praxis fiscal sponsorship takes the form of sustained relationships that advance both the project and Praxis. For example, we do not offer one-time fiscal sponsorship arrangements to facilitate a single grant.

Praxis is currently accepting fiscal sponsorship inquiries. If you believe your work may be a good fit for fiscal sponsorship and for us, please carefully consider the below basic qualifications for consideration before contacting Ariel Cohen for an introductory conversation about your project. We look forward to hearing from you!

1. Your work is charitable in nature and further Praxis’ mission to build healthy communities by transforming power relationships and structures. Clear mission alignment with Praxis and a strategy that addresses social determinants of health are requirements for consideration.

2. You have a realistic and detailed plan to execute your project’s activities.

3. You have adequate human resources to dedicate to your project and to managing a hands-on, mutually-supportive and responsive relationship with Praxis.

4. You have a one-year budget prepared for your project and some funding already available or committed by donors. Praxis does not currently have set minimums for first-year budget size or available funding, but we cannot initiate a fiscal sponsorship relationship without financial resources to support the sponsored project.  You also have a solid grasp of basic financial management and accounting concepts and be committed to ensuring the solvency and financial sustainability of your project in partnership with Praxis.

5. You understand that Praxis will take an agreed-upon, set administrative fee from grants and contributions in support of your project to offset its fiscal sponsorship costs. Fee levels vary based on the nature and complexity of your work and the level of service and support provided by Praxis, and are reassessed on a regular basis given that these factors tend to change over time. Administrative fees generally range between 7% and 15% of revenue and additional fees to cover bank charges, insurance, etc. may also be applied.