Internship Opportunity with American Progress in D.C.

Energy and Environment Internship, Public Lands and Ocean Policy

  • Department: Energy and Environment

  • Position classification: Internship


American Progress is a leader in addressing climate change, energy production, and the conservation crisis by driving research, messaging, and policy to defend and advance progressive policies that protect our air, land, and water.

Interns working with American Progress’ Energy and Environment team will have the opportunity to complete substantive work across the team’s four main focuses: international climate policy, domestic energy policy, oceans policy, and public lands policy. Within this framework, interns will develop skills and experiences to contribute effectively to the national conversation on climate change, clean energy, natural resources management, conservation, and climate adaptation and resilience.

Candidates who apply for a Public Lands and Ocean Policy internship will work on both of the following conservation policy areas:

Ocean policy: The Ocean Policy subteam works to generate and advance smart policies that promote the ecological and environmental health of oceans and coasts in tandem with prosperous economies. The Public Lands and Ocean Policy intern may engage in issues including sustainable fisheries, aquaculture, coastal resilience and adaptation, coastal ecosystem restoration, marine conservation and ocean planning, offshore energy, and Arctic policy.

Public lands and natural resource policy: The Public Lands subteam works to develop and advance progressive conservation, energy, and natural resource policies for America’s public lands, in order to protect their use and enjoyment by current and future generations. The Public Lands subteam simultaneously fights to protect U.S. public lands from special interests that want to sell out this country’s natural heritage for personal gain. The protection and balanced management of U.S. public lands is more important than ever to grow the economy, enrich Americans’ quality of life, and build a clean energy future. The Public Lands and Ocean Policy intern may engage in issues including national monuments, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, conservation funding, outdoor recreation, and the Endangered Species Act.

All interns on the Energy and Environment team will contribute to the core work of the team, completing day-to-day assignments in addition to more extensive research projects. Interns will work closely with one or more staff members to help foster knowledge of policy areas, government operations, and confidence working in a fast-paced office setting. Typical responsibilities include:

  • Contribute to memos, blog posts, columns, event summaries, and reports.

  • Carry out web-based research on issue areas.

  • Compile and manipulate data in Microsoft Excel.

  • Compose rapid-response communications.

  • Update fact sheets, talking points, and documents on topics of current pertinence.

  • Enhance the team’s social media presence.

Other duties may include conducting targeted research and reporting on policy meetings, seminars, hearings, and lectures. Whenever possible, interns are encouraged to write on a subject of their choice, either as a contributor to a larger piece or as the individual author of a column for the website.

To Apply

In order to be considered for an internship with American Progress, please combine the following items into a single .doc or .pdf file; follow the appropriate application link below; upload the single file; and complete the online application. The system does not allow for multiple files. Required materials include:

  • Cover letter

  • Resume

  • Writing sample of approximately three pages

APPLY HERE to submit these materials:

Please note that only those individuals whose qualifications match the current needs of the organization will be considered applicants and receive responses from American Progress.

Additional information

American Progress operates two separate nonprofit organizations to maximize the progressive agenda: the Center for American Progress and the Center for American Progress Action Fund. This internship posting refers collectively to the two organizations under the name “American Progress.” The Center for American Progress is a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) tax-exempt research and educational institute. It undertakes research, public education, and a limited amount of lobbying. The Center for American Progress Action Fund is a nonpartisan 501(c)(4) tax-exempt organization dedicated to achieving progress through action. It works to transform progressive ideas into policy through rapid-response communications, legislative action, grassroots organizing, political advocacy, and partnerships with other progressive leaders. The organizations share office space and employees.

American Progress internships are awarded on an equal opportunity basis; women, minorities, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

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