Strategic Communications

  • Meta Messaging: This message memo explains how issues are different and the same, and how, as advocates we can make the most of it in our messages. Everyone can't fight every battle at once, yet it is believed, advocates working on issues as different as gay marriage and affordable housing can construct messages that serve their own immediate strategic needs and, at the same time, echo one another's larger goals for social change.
  • Media Planning Template: This worksheet outlines the basic questions and steps to creative an effective media plan for your organization.
  • Web Strategy Chart: This tool offers a checklist to organizers and advocates to help organize their web communications.
  • A Good Framing Strategy: This tool is designed to help advocates develop a framing strategy that is tailored to specific audiences and that wins policies.
  • Moving Ideas: Shifting the public conversation(Diagaram)
  • Niche From Fair Game
  • The Bridge Just Beyond: Constructing Communications for Change-Media today is mostly as far from this as we can imagine.  Yet, how it's structured and what it conveys (with our help and urging) is critical to our social change efforts.   How do we know what's important?  How do we know who is responsible?  And whom (or what) do we blame for the current conditions?  All of these are fundamental issues in the construction of social change efforts, issues largely framed in mass communications. download here
  • Foundations of Media Relations