Racial Justice

  • Developing an Equity Impact Statement for local policy making: This document provides a framework for jurisdiction interested in advancing equity as part of the policy making process. It is not a legal document but a concept paper that will provide ideas for findings and procedures that in many cases can be incorporated into existing frameworks for the consideration of proposed ordinances and other rule making.
  • Building public support for racial justice niche:  This snapshot from our publication, "Fair Game: A Strategic Guide for Communications during the Obama Era" offers suggestions for key audiences to capture when crafting a strategic communications plan.
  • Disrupting the Discourse: Framing at the Intersection of Racism and Opportunity,While talking about race has been declared passé in some communications circles, any examination of conservative framing on crime, public school funding, welfare and more show that they seem to talk about little else. Affirmative action, public school funding, income supports – virtually every major political battle underway today banter race somewhere close to the surface.  Race and more precisely racism, is where the contest for the “dominant frame” is most intense and where, when we don’t pay close attention, we often lose the battle.
  • Creating a Collaborative Demand Process