"SCOPE has collaborated with Praxis in multiple capacity building projects. It has been a valuable partnership that has allowed us to expand our impact and contribution to the social justice movement at a national level.  We are encouraged by opportunities to engage with other groups in meaningful learning spaces through our joint efforts."- Gloria Medina, Training Coordinator, SCOPE, Los Angeles, CA

"For all the ideas that we have, the vision we hold, the people we move-- all of our work gets done better when we are able to learn, act, reflect and learn, act, reflect again.  The spaces that Praxis create, and the opportunities and people Praxis brings together help us do just that. Capacity-building is complementary and integral to doing better organizing work.  Period."- Helena Wong, Executive Director, CAAAV, New York, NY

"The technical assistance we received from Praxis at Power U Center for Social Change has been invaluable. Praxis has linked us to TA providers who are very knowledgeable and have gone the extra mile to train our staff and provide feedback and tools that is tailored to our work. Thank you!"
- Shayla Walsh, Lead Organizer, Power U, Miami, FL

"Working with Praxis has given us access to the resources to do our work with a lot more stability. We have benefited from their rich experience providing capacity building, learning new tools and sharing an approach that honors the wisdom and expertise of the communities we work with. One crucial area of movement work that Praxis has supported fully is language justice. By supporting this work that some of us have been doing, Praxis is helping us all to take it to another level. Our work here in Texas as well as nationally, is much stronger because of this support."- Colectivo Flatlander, Texas