TA and Training

Technical Assistance and Strategic Consultation

Even with the best training, advocates need support in implementing their advocacy and policy initiatives. The best technical assistance is the right help at the right time, a sort of policy triage that flexibly and effectively anticipates the changing, fluid needs of advocates.  Praxis provides strategic consultation to help advocates "think through" critical issues in their initiatives via phone and on-line that allows advocates to call and/or e-mail requests for consultation and puts them in touch with qualified/experienced staff or consultants. In some cases, this support can be provided locally on site to groups.  To get more information email
Marisol Ocampo.

Skills Building and Reflective Space

Community groups are often trained in service provision, education or public health. They need new and different skills to enact policy changes — media advocacy, community organizing, legislative advocacy, etc. However, building skills is not enough. These advocates also need a supportive community in which they can explore new models, forge new alliances and learn from each other's experiences. Praxis is dedicated to the principles of popular education. Staff is experienced in training and education approaches that value participation and experiential learning. Guiding principles of the training component are closely tied to Praxis' overall commitment to capacity building. For more information on Praxis Learning Circle Series and other skills building initiatives click here.