Communities Creating Healthy Environments (CCHE) program is a national funding and capacity building initiative to support diverse, community-based organizations and tribal groups in the development and implementation of effective, culturally competent, policy initiatives to advance food and recreation justice.  CCHE funds 22 grantees overall as well as provides training and technical assistance to support policy advocacy and organizing in the field at large.


Capacity Building and Technical Assistance

work is a cornerstone of Praxis’ movement building initiatives.  This work draws on the principles of popular education and other liberatory, people centered pedagogy to support communities in their efforts to change structural conditions and build community power.  We emphasize institutional/systemically focused strategies (versus individual behavior change), rooted in an intersectional framework (with race, class, gender, etc.) in view. Praxis is committed to language access in all of our convening spaces.


Transforming Communities is a cross-disciplinary project to draw on some of the world’s best practices in the development of comprehensive, progressive local policies.  These policies, taken together, will remake local communities into healthy, democratic, thriving places for all its residents.


Movement Building Initiatives provides funding, training, technical assistance, capacity building and e-advocacy initiatives that help increase the base of advocates engaged in social justice work with an emphasis on work at scale.  Programs under this initiative include Building Capacity Building Power, a national initiative to support grassroots electoral work; and our Learning Circle series.

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