Not the Heart, Coca-Cola Shows A Different Body Part

By AyeNay Abye, Field Director

I don’t buy Coca-Cola products. I don’t eat McDonalds. I don’t engage in online marketing gimmicks. So I wondered why I received multiple advertisements from Diet Coke to participate in their #showyourheart Twitter Campaign.

I clicked on the ad out of curiosity, though before I could read it I was distracted by the McDonald’s Big Mac Party video advertisement.  The message was, “For every photo shared with #showyourheart through 2.7.13 Diet Coke will donate $1 to support women’s heart health programs”. 

I do believe women’s heart health is important, I do also donate to important causes and I sometimes sign online petitions. Maybe Coke knows I am nice person. I went to the hashtag, #showyourheart, to see all the nice people posting photos for “Women’s Heart Health.” I stopped browsing as soon as I found the best entry, McDonalds North Carolina beats everyone on there hands down. McDonalds tweeted “We shared our heart! Show us yours- for a chance to win a month of free McDonalds’s coffee and dessert! #showyourheart.”

Coke—you’re not showing your heart. You’re showing a different body part. A number ofstudies have shown that even as little as one can of sugary soda a day can increase the risk of heart disease for women, even women who are not overweight!

I think Coke should tell McDonalds that their products- Big Mac, coffee and dessert (advertisements and promotions) are not suitable for women’s’ heart health. Or maybe McDonalds should tell Coke the same thing.  

Stop deceptively playing on peoples heartstrings, @DietCoke @ McDonalds. Your products are killing our communities.