Remember when the Senate immigration bill was heralded as a huge victory a few months ago? While most progressive groups swallowed the bitter pill of one-sided compromise that drastically increased border militarization and ignored workers rights, few groups bravely spoke out against it, which we covered in a previous edition of the App.

With the US teetering on the edge of an “undeclared” war against Syria, the App did a little research this past week into how views and perspectives on the imminent war were playing out in Arab-American communities. We learned from a report in the Arab American News, a paper in Dearborn, Michigan, home to the largest Arab-American community in the country that some 200 demonstrators at a rally there last Thursday criticized President Barack Obama’s Administration for its involvement in the Syrian crisis.


By Bob Wing*

Chokwe Lumumba--a founder and leader of the Republic of New Afrika, the New Afrikan People’s Organization and Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, defense attorney for Tupac Shakur and others, and a first term city councilman--is the new Mayor of Jackson, Miss.

His June 4 victory is a stirring tribute to the courageous Mississippi civil rights leader Medgar Evers who fifty years ago on June 12, 1963 was gunned down at his Jackson home.



As the mark up of the 2012 Farm Bill is in its final stages this week (you read that right—the bill was supposed to be passed in 2012, and we’re nearing mid-year 2013!) poor people are in jeopardy of the cuts being made to the bill, and yet, there are other legal decisions and policies moving forward that mean big wins for Big Ag.