Molly Aronica presents a series of articles, videos, and slide shows that demonstrate the strong ties that fast food companies have established with children through advertising. She points out that fast feeders have shifted their marketing focus from children to parents – who they hope will “feel good about buying ‘healthy’ alternatives for their children.” more

Marion Nestle summarizes the recent efforts of the UK food industry to avoid governmental regulation. She argues that these machinations underscore the futility of voluntary actions by the food industry, and calls for regulation.more

As you probably already know, a number of websites have gone silent today in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act currently being considered by Congress and the Senate's similarly controversial Protect IP Act. And while Google, which has previously voiced its opposition to both pieces of legislation, didn't shut down for the day, it is making its feelings known to the public. more


By Lakshmi Sridaran, Policy Director

The recent gang rape case in India has received global coverage and sparked widespread outrage. Indian politicians are considering changes to the law that would increase the punishment for rape including posting the photos, names, and addresses of convicted rapists in newspapers as a vehicle for public shaming.

After last week's shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, many people have raised the issue of the National Rifle Association's longstanding undermining of comprehensive gun control policies at the federal state and local levels. WIthout a doubt, the NRA is a major player in supporting policies that allow for viturally unfettered access to a range of weapons, that are not just about hunting and gaming of animals.

The Scranton Women's Leadership Center (SWLC) will be holding a peace seminar in Seoul on July 27-August 4, 2013. U.S. college women (ages 18-30) will be joining 50 other college students from Korea, Japan, China, and other Asian countries. The purpose of the seminar is to learn about peace issues in Northeast Asia as it relates to the United States and the world, and gain an understanding on the historical context of peace.

Participants will get a chance to enhance their leadership skills on peace, build a global network and become life-time peacemakers.